You have to stop dimming your light for other people and hiding behind MODESTY. You have to realise your own potential and talents and do any means necessary in cultivating them.

You have to stop creating road blocks, digging holes and forming obstacles in the road leading to your success and all round liberation. Yes you may be terrified by the future but don’t let that fear cripple you to the point where you aren’t putting to practise your talents and gifts.

Refuse to let the prospect of FAILURE slow you down or even worse stop you for going for anything remotely close to making you realise how ABLE you are in achieving and manifesting your dreams, no matter how small or big they are.

DO NOT STAND IN YOUR OWN WAY!!๐Ÿ“ฃDon’t let your fears, insecurities deprive you the opportunities and chances of doing much more than you give yourself credit for๐Ÿ“ข.

Don’t be your own hurdle, your own barrier, your own limiter, don’t hold yourself hostage. Break free from that, Shit!! If the next person can do it, so can you๐Ÿ’ชit just takes a little self belief to take that first step into unlocking your future. That’s all it takes, just that brave first step, let that fear of your be the wind beneath your wings, let your doubts fuel you. TAKE THAT GIANT LEAP OF FAITH INTO YOUR FUTURE, NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU!! ONLY YOU CAN, YOU!!


Stay safe and may God be with you. Pray hard and much love.

Have courage!

When the reality of life hits you like a ton of bricks and you grow weak in your knees, when the ground beneath you trembles and threatens your balance, When winds of despair and destitute force you to move, i beg of you do not panic for joy comes in the morning.

So long as you are able to witness yet another day in this fickle fragile life, rejoice. No pain, anguish and misery will last forever. Have hope and faith in a better tomorrow. Be still and know that God is God. Trust in him and he will make a way.

It is my hope that you find healing. Have the courage to be an optimist in these challenging pessimistic times. Pray hard and much love.

South African Men stop with the femicide. It’s enough now.

The South African soil has so much blood in it of innocent women and kids by the hands of their male counterparts and male family member/s. The high rate of femicide is terrifying, it’s revolting it’s painful it’s disheartening. When will it ever stop???

Women are being brutally killed and murdered by people that, once upon a time, claimed to love them. Heartless, stone cold and spineless men are the cause of this.

Women live in fear in their own skin, in there own houses, in their own country. That is the sad truth, that is our reality. The fear of leaving your house and never coming back alive is all too much to take in and digest.

Rape cases are rising in unbelievable numbers and nothing is being done. There is no evidence of any justice being done by our police officials.

There is no peace, only fear and terror.

What the fuck?!!

A lot of terribly horrific things are going on in the world all at once. No man!! it is all too much, it is overwhelming. People are dying every single minute. Nothing is good. Nothing is right. We are living through a very difficult era and time nothing makes sense. Every single day is one big WHAT THE FUCK??AND HOW THE HEll DID WE EVEN END Up HERE??