Perhaps she cried

She saw her life, or perhaps what she thought was, leave her. It left and closed the door behind it. She looked as it walked away and moved further and further away from her. Her body stood there, numb, LIFELESS.

Her eyes welled up, turned red, she felt suffocated. No tear dropped down her cheeks, but her eyes welled up. Perhaps she cried, not on the outside but within. Perhaps her internal tears were the one’s suffocating her. She cried.


Set it alight and let it burn

Don’t turn the page, burn the book. Chances are, since you’re still using the same book,and all you did was just turning a page, you will be tempted to go “back” to the previous pages. Pages that harmed you, hurt you, broke you and so forth in many ways. By so doing you will reliving all those times that you’re now trying to move pass. Plainly, you’ll be inflicting greater pain upon yourself. So then, burn the book entirely, reinvent yourself completely in a new one.

XoXo, much love.

Random thoughts, I guess!!

When you enter another person’s life, you gotta know where your stand point is at. I mean like, you really have to asset yourself and recognize straight up if you are the CURE (not literally) or the DISEASE (not literally) in this person’s life. You have to know whether you are adding value in this person’s life or you are taking that value away from them, If perhaps you are just there!! For the sake of just being there!!

It’s only decent that you do that, as a person.


Time has no race

Time doesn’t dicriminate

Time is not still

Time forever times us

Time is your enemy

Time is your friend

Time is just…

Black and white photography is legit my obsession 😍😍😍😊😊