Smile 😊

😊 smile
In sickness
In pain
In joy
In jubilation
In hurt
In anger
In confusion
😊 smile

It confuses people. That’s good.


Be your heart’s mentor ❤️

Teach your heart to respect God’s timing

Teach your heart to mend

Teach your heart to love

Teach your heart to forgive

Teach you heart to open up

Teach your heart to be strong

Teach your heart to be patient

Teach your heart to let go

Teach your heart peacefulness

Teach your heart to listen

Teach your heart to persever

Teach your heart how to be your heart

Eventually all the masks you wear will reap off your face. Aren’t you tired?

The many masks you wear will eventually fall off. People will see you for what and who you really are. The act will come to a halting end, the curtains will close, the spotlight will leave you and your conscious will be broadcast like tv. The double life you’re living will cease to exist and you’ll be forced to face yourself. You cannot outrun karma, it knows where you hide. There’s still time to right all the wrongs, there’s still time to come clean, there’s still time for you to be you again.