Thinking out loud

I woke up with this thought in my mind this morning, Wow you can never really claim that you know someone. No matter how many years you’ve known each other. The reason for this is really simple too, I read a quote that said “inside every person you know, is a person you don’t know”. That really got me thinking, because by nature whether we try to deny it or not, a person only shows you a side of them that they want you to know, you only know and see what they allow for you to know and see. Even twins perhaps, as much as they’re indeed twins, they’re individual beings too, with individual thoughts, desires, hopes,wishes and so forth. They don’t necessarily know everything about each other because they’re are their own persons, I guess.

This then leads me to this critical note, don’t go around trusting everyone that bares a sweet smile on their face and pours out soothing, almost heavenly cleansed words. Then again how can you trust another external being, when even your own shadow leaves you in the dark ☝. Anyways this is just my 2cents worth of thought.


The bridge that draws you in

 The sight of this bridge is really breathtakingly beautiful, even the name of the place it leads to sounds enchanting and inviting “THE MAZE OF THE LOST CITY”. So I took a picture of this gorgeous structure to share its beauty with the rest of the world.

The strange thing about this picture is that if you really look at it for some time, the bridge itself seems to come alive and out to get you. I found this out after I took the picture and for some reason really inspected it. The bars on the inside of it and surrounding it look as though they’re reaching out for you, more like arms and are drawing you inside the bridge, it sounds strange I know but bare with me. When you look straight into the picture that column like structure in the middle looks as if it has a face and it’s body is where all these “arms” that are out to get you stem from.

Inviting you to come and enter “THE MAZE OF THE LOST CITY”. Wow photography is really beautiful, it opens up your eyes and makes you see things differently, it’s amazing.