Keep Walking 👣

And there under that carpet lay all my hopes and dreams
No, don’t stop now on my account, keep walking
Put one foot in front of the other and keep walking


Random thoughts, I guess!!

When you enter another person’s life, you gotta know where your stand point is at. I mean like, you really have to asset yourself and recognize straight up if you are the CURE (not literally) or the DISEASE (not literally) in this person’s life. You have to know whether you are adding value in this person’s life or you are taking that value away from them, If perhaps you are just there!! For the sake of just being there!!

It’s only decent that you do that, as a person.


Time has no race

Time doesn’t dicriminate

Time is not still

Time forever times us

Time is your enemy

Time is your friend

Time is just…

Black and white photography is legit my obsession 😍😍😍😊😊

Perfectly imperfect

I speak no language perfectly

I lead no perfect life

I am no perfect being

I chase no perfection

For I know it’s unattainable

I am human

That’s all I’ll ever be

I rest in comfort and peace

With my imperfect self


It’s the only Self I have

My perfectly imperfect self

It’s the only Self I Have

I love you, yes you, reading this now

I love you

You are loved by me

I might not know who you are

Or where you reside

Or how you’re holding up

But that doesn’t matter

Because I love you still

I value your existence on earth

You matter and you are worthy

Of everything good in the world

You, reading this now

I love you with the endless and pure love from God

The kind of love that doesn’t discriminate

I truly love you even though I don’t know who you are

I love you, Te amo, Saranghae, aishite imasu, Ndiyaku Thanda ❤

Thinking out loud

I woke up with this thought in my mind this morning, Wow you can never really claim that you know someone. No matter how many years you’ve known each other. The reason for this is really simple too, I read a quote that said “inside every person you know, is a person you don’t know”. That really got me thinking, because by nature whether we try to deny it or not, a person only shows you a side of them that they want you to know, you only know and see what they allow for you to know and see. Even twins perhaps, as much as they’re indeed twins, they’re individual beings too, with individual thoughts, desires, hopes,wishes and so forth. They don’t necessarily know everything about each other because they’re are their own persons, I guess.

This then leads me to this critical note, don’t go around trusting everyone that bares a sweet smile on their face and pours out soothing, almost heavenly cleansed words. Then again how can you trust another external being, when even your own shadow leaves you in the dark ☝. Anyways this is just my 2cents worth of thought.